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Cielo Azure Lusitano (CAL) is of the highest quality breeding farm specializing in APSL Lusitanos. Exceptional movement, conformation, blood lines and athleticism drive our breeding program. We take the notion of Equestrian Higher Arts, exemplified by classical dressage very seriously. We compete our horses in dressage and strive to produce horses that can meet the requirements of the dressage market.

We currently stand and ship on two stallions. Zarathustra is an APSL Lusitano (homozygous black). Zara is linebred back to ancient Veiga lines (45% Agareno -foundation Veiga Lusitano). He is 16 hands, with a gorgeous sub-convex head, long neck, amazing movement and conformation. If you wish to “stamp” your mares with “that” head –Zara is your man!

We also stand Wolverine (Wolf). Wolf is from champion bull fighting lines and he has extraordinary movement also. He excels at extended trot as well as collected work. Wolf has a kind and calm temperament and is a gentleman. He passes his good looks and his disposition on to his foals. If you are looking for a stallion to breed to or young stock, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our mare string is extraordinary. Each has been chosen carefully for movement, conformation, and breed type.Each spring, we have APSL foals available. If you see something special or a foal in-utero that is a "must-have"-please inquire rapidly. Our foals sell very quickly,


We also love sharing the breed with others. We believe in the the APSL registry, all of our Lusitanos are registered in both IALHA and APSL.

Please feel free to come by or visit or just give us a call to talk about this ancient and wonderful breed of horse. Truly the best horses in the world!



Born in 1931, The Lusitano named "Agareno" is considered the “head of lineage” of the Veiga line. What makes Agareno so special is that his bloodlines are thought to have “fixed” the specific characteristics of the Veiga stud farm through time. He was very pre-potent. There are a few horses left, that carry a high percentage of Agareno’s genes. Our stallion, Zarathustra is such a horse. Zara is 45% related to Agareno, making him almost like a full son. When one compares the image of Agareno to Zarathustra, the breed type and characters of Agareno are clearly apparent in Zarathustra. Zara's big feet, convex head, top-line, long legs, similar croup and royal presence... all coming from the "head of lineage"...Agareno.

Below is a photo of Agareno and a photo of Zarathustra. Genetics, if carefully preserved will carry on. Lusitano Zarathustra is available for the 2015 season.


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