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Cielo Azure Lusitanos (CAL) is a stud, breeding and training farm specializing in highest quality Portuguese-registered APSL Lusitanos. Exceptional movement, conformation, blood lines and athleticism drive our breeding program. We breed and train to meet the demands of the advanced amateur and professional rider.   The carefully hand-crafted horses produced by Cielo Azure Lusitanos are shown, inspected and trained using classical methods, yielding equine partners matched to your goals in academic riding, competitive dressage, and working equitation. 

We are excitedly awaiting the birth of four APSL eligible foals! At least three will be for sale and will be very competitively priced. These foals are from the best dressage bloodlines in Portugal. Jade is the sire of the 2019 foal crop.
We also have a 2018 colt for sale, who is amazing!  Please  visit our sales page for more details and feel free to call us (240) 315-4394) or write for more information!

Magnificent Buckskin Lusitano Stallion:          Presenting Jade 

Jade II Da Sernadinha is a magnificent, imported and APSL approved buckskin Lusitano stallion.  Jade represents the absolutely best Lusitano dressage bloodlines in Portugal, lines that are known for their commanding presence and fantastic movement.

Jade’s powerful genetic lineage gives him extraordinary and correct conformation. He is truly a genetic storehouse of the best of the Lusitano breed. Evidence of this is that he has already won a silver medal from the APSL in the USA; an achievement that few Lusitanos attain. In 2019, Jade entered his first recognized dressage show and scored a respectable 65%.

What makes Jade so unique is his laid-back personality and eagerness to please, combined with a strong work ethic. Jade just loves people.

Impulsion, action and extension define his movement. Grand Prix dressage and working equitation are in his future and he has already excelled in the show ring.  

Jade is the 2016 EARHC Eastern Region Lusitano Stallion Champion.

Jade is an APSL Silver Medalist.

Jade unique and highly desired color includes the crème gene, giving him his buckskin pattern.  Jade coat is also frosted and dappled.  He has a lovely Lusitano sub-convex head and Iberian body type, along with height and bone.  These are qualities that will pass to his offspring.

  • Sire: Campeador (76 points) -APSL recommended stallion,

  • Dam: Camurca (82 points) - APSL recommended mare.

  • Grand sire (on both sides) is Spartacus (81.5 points) APSL recommended stallion and APSL Stallion of Merit (one of seven in the world).

  • Both dam and sire sides pass directly to the great stallion Xaquiro.

We are proud to be Standing Jade II Da Sernadinha for the 2019 season but we only have one more slot available, as we have limited his number of breedings this year!



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The Cielo Azure mare string is extraordinary. Each broodmare has been chosen carefully or bred for movement, conformation, and breed type.  If you see something special or a foal in-utero that is a "must-have"-please inquire as soon as possible, most are sold before they are weaned. The foals are imprinted from birth, extensively handled, very human oriented and well behaved hand-crafted horses.  For 2019, we have four foals to be born.