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Cielo Azure Lusitanos - APSL breeders specializing in extraordinary Lusitanos, standing APSL stallions Jade II Da Sernadinha at stud and top quality mares.  Young stock available. 

ASMOHR Stables   - Breeders specializing in Lusitanos of color, Andes, NY USA

Casa Lusitana - Standing gray stallion at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Offers training and lessons. Located in Oakland, California, USA

CCS Farm - Standing stallion Xerex de Quintana, San Marcos, CA

Cedar Rowe Lusitanos - Standing two stallions, sales and training. USA  

Cielo Azure Lusitanos - APSL breeders specializing in extraordinary Lusitanos, standing APSL stallions Jade II Da Sernadinha Send at stud and top quality mares.  Young stock available. 

Costas Lusitanos - Breeder of Purebred Lusitanos

Don E Mor Lusitanos - Breeding and stallion services, NC USA

Fairhaven Iberians - Breeding Lusitanos and crosses. Home of Xemino Lusitano Stallion, MA USA

Glennlea Farm - Training and Showing Iberian horses. Wilson, NY USA

Haras Dos Cavaleiros, LLC - Breeding, training, stallion services, sale of Lusitanos.  Magnolia, Texas, USA

Jaz Ranch - Standing Lusitano stallion Halconero.

JC Andalusians, LLC -Standing Saphiro: Cremello Lusitano Stallion, breeding farm.  Barboursville, VA USA

Labyrinth Farms -Breeders of rare colors, with emhasis on holistic treatments and organic practices, Mill Spring, NC USA

Lusitano Legacy - Standing Legacy, Portland, OR

Montana Lusitanos - Breeding Lusitano horses from Portuguese Manuel Veiga bloodlines. Standing stallion at stud, Damasco. Includes breeding program, photos, and sales. Located in Choteau, Montana. 

Owls Nest Lusitanos -Breeders of Lusitano Sporthorses, Bellville, TX USA

Ranch Cardoso - Standing buckskin stallion at stud. Includes photos and profiles of horses. Contains information and photos on bloodless bullfighting. Located in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

Renaissance Farm -Standing buckskin stallion.  Young stock and sales.  Located in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

Royal Iberian Lusitano Horses - Details of stallions at stud and stock for sale, plus information about the breed and links. Located in Ontario, Canada. 

Sacred Springs Lusitanos -Standing grey stallion, horse sales. Flint Hill, VA USA

Silver Moon Iberians - Boutique Iberians Classical type. Stallion and young stock. Ocala, FL USA

Sommer Ranch Lusitanos - Specializing in cream and pearl. USA

Sons of the Wind Farm-Lusitano's -  Importing, breeding and selling Lusitanos. Vitor Silva training in the classical art of riding horses. Located in New Hampshire, USA.

Topline Andalusians and Lusitanos, Southern Oregon

 Vermont Lusitano Stud Farm -  Northern Vermont. USA

 Vintage Iberia - Standing buckskin a stallion. Includes photos, sales and profiles of horses. Located in Palm Springs, California, USA. 

Wildwood Farm Equine Center, LLC - Breeding Lusitanos and Iberian horses for the breed and open dressage competition.  Port Crane, NY USA



 Coudelaria Oliveira e Sousa - Lusitano Studbook registered broodmares, and stud services. History, breed standard, stock profiles and photographs. Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal. 

 Coudelaria do Vale Pau - Stands black stallion at stud. Includes sales list and photos of horses. Offers boarding, training, lessons, and cottage for rent. Located in Santana do Mato, Portugal. 

Emergosol Lusitanos - Stands Lusitano stallions and sales/breeding. Torres Vedras, Portugal

 Dany Lahaye Lusitanos - Standing gray stallions at stud. Includes videos, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in (English, French) 

Ecuries Neliann, Breeders of Luitano.  Canada

Granja Las Animas - Breeder of Lusitano Horses, Standing Imperador.  Young stock.  Mexico 

 Hara Azul Lusitanos - breeders and currently have at stud Xaquito, Alquimista, and Democrata Azul. Domestic and imported stock of all ages for sale. Columbia, South America.

Keberica Farm - Standing Bravario Lusitano and breeding sales.  Canada.

 La Belle Errance - Breeding and training Lusitano horses Breed history and photographs, sales, exhibitions, and boarding information.  Cernex, France.

Lakeland Lusitanos -  Lusitano horses.. Standing stallion at stud, Uligario. Includes stud history, services, herd pedigrees, photos, and sales.  Berne, Switzerland

 Lusitano Interagro - Large breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses/  Standing multiple stallions, the website has details on bloodlines, breeding and training information, and horses for sale. Brazil

Lusitanos D'Atela Bessa de Carvalho Stud - Francisco Bessa de Carvalho breeding and training facility.  Home of Soberano, young stock for sale.  

 Lusitanos Quinta da Lagoa - Includes photos of horses. Located in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugol. (English, Portuguese) 

Quinta da Bétula - This site includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in The Netherlands. (Dutch, English, German) 

 Quinta do Figueiral Stud Farm - Includes sales list and photos. Located in Benavente, Portugal. (English, Portuguese) 

Sucandi Cavalos do Brasil - Finest selection of dressage lusitanos

Sussex Lusitano - Includes profile of farm ownership, stallions at stud, horses for sale, clinic and lesson schedule, riding holidays with lessons and accommodations, plus list of shows with breed class. Located in Loxwood, West Sussex, England. 

Terra Salva - Breeder/importer of Portuguese horses and standing Machaquito (Andrade X Veiga). Provides history, details of horses and references. The Netherlands. 

The Lusitano Homepage - Produced by a Danish enthusiast, about the breeders, Rex and Lee Henry, who are based in Portugal. A useful range of information, articles and links.

Tiago Tomé Stud Farm -  Breeder in Portuguese, includes photos. (English, German, Portuguese) 



Coudelaria Bessa de Carvalho  This school is located just outside of Lisbon, with hotels nearby (including those at the Lisboa airport).  The facility is wonderful, and trainers fantastic and the school masters magjificant.  Highly recommended.

Lusitanos Riding Center -At the Lusitanos Riding Centre you can enjoy all the Portuguese equestrian art with the magnificent Lusitano purebred horse. 

Morgado Lusitano - Includes photos and profiles of horses. Offers riding holidays, with lessons. Provides restaurant. Located in Portugal. 

PORTUGUESE SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART - The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, based in Queluz National Palace Gardens, is to preserve and promote iron Lusitano horse Alter-Real and maintain the Portuguese tradition of the High School through the selection, training and showing horses Lusitano the Alter Stud. Single equestrian cultural heritage in the world.



Carol Fensholt Fine Art - Bronzes, Iberian horses a specialty. 

Iberian Connection  - Spanish and Portuguese Equestrian equipment.  623.465.7276



Veiga Horses: Tradition and the Present Hardcover – Deluxe Edition, 2004 by Alberto Tavares Barreto (Author),‎ Joseph C. Abdo (Translator)

Lusitano (coffee table art book) by Beatrice Bulteau (artist)

Lusitano son of the wind Paperback – 2002 by Arsénio Cordeiro Raposo (Author)

Lusitano Champions - Historic memory 1966-2003 Hardcover – 2005 by AA.VV (Author)

The Lusitano Horse in History - A history of the breed, published in Conquistador Magazine by Juan Valera-Lema, Ph.D. (Author)

ART OF THE LUSITANO by Pedro Yglesias de Oliveira (Author)