Lusitanos that will live up to expectations and why: our yearlings

Mercury CAL: Son of the Lusitano Soberano

Mercury CAL: Son of the Lusitano Soberano

Performance matters, no matter what the breed.

Breed type matters for both breed characteristics and temperament.

A strong lineage is the best insurance that one can get when buying a dressage prospect.

We all love the Lusitano for it ability to collect, to perform high-school movements and its temperament.  But we also know that not all Lusitanos are created equal.

In Europe right now, there is a line of Lusitanos that are successfully competing in the Northern European dressage arena. These Lusitanos are endowed with gaits that are spectacular.  Not only with a lot of knee but with extension also.  Because they are Lusitanos and have maintained breed type, they also naturally round and drive from behind. Because of that drive, they have the ability for collection, and an athleticism rarely found in the in WB breeds.  Their walk and canter benefit from this ability to collect also.  These gaits, combined the mind and breed type of the Lusitano make a powerful combination. Unfortunately, these lines are poorly represented in the USA. 

In 2015, we imported semen from the stallion Soberano- the best of the best from these lines.  The video of Soberano below is one of my favorites: 

 If you haven’t seen Soberano’s performance at the WEG in Normandy in 2014, please watch it – you are in for a treat.  Watch: 

We have two Soberano stallions (yearlings) from this breeding, that we have let grow up a little and we are now ready to sell one of them.  Both are talented, athletic, with great minds and are serious Grand Prix potential horses.

Soberano –     *His Sire: Hostil (see below)

**Grandsire Xaquiro 

**Grandsire Zico

Soberano was shown in the International Grandprix level, at the WEG in 2014, and has very high scores in international Grand Prix.

Soberano – Prizes: 1st, Gold Medal and Champion of Champions, Golega Horse Fair 2002, 3 years old class; 1st, Gold Medal and Champion of Champions, Golegã Horse Fair 2003, 4 years old ridden class. APSL Recommended stallion.

Soberano is over 17 hands and passes that height onto his offspring.

As examples of what Soberano produces,  see: Csar, a Grandprix level horse ridden by Pedro Torres  ,

and also his son: Cesar D Atela 

Soberano’s brother is Rico. Rico was ridden by Kyro Kyklund in the UK. See his dressage test here:

Soberano’s sire is Hostil: Hostil is one of seven Stallions of Merit in the World.

Other relatives have excelled not only in dressage but also in working equitation. 

Here is close cousin of Soberano: Bariloche (Rouxinol-Hostil) Recommended Licensed Lusitano Stallion, shown at Grand Prix level. 

Our two yearlings (coming two year olds) have fantastic dam lineages as well.

Mercury CAL’s dam is B-Caranja (16.1 hands).  She is a Brazilian mare, from the Interagro stud. Caranja’s sire is Nordeste. Nordeste is also a recommended stallion by the APSL, with a score of 77.50 points. An outstandingly beautiful black stallion, Nordeste was bred by Mr. Manuel Braga from Sociedade das Silveiras.  Before being exported to Brazil from Portugal, he won a number of tests at the Prix St. Georges level, and produced a crop of superior quality offspring, both at Sociedade das Silveiras and at several other Portuguese breeders. 

Marialva CAL’s dam is Haute Tantra Cal (16.2 hands), APSL approved.  Video below is of Tantra as a yearling.  Tantra has done well in the breed show ring, winning her mare class at the Eastern Regional Lusitano Horse show in 2014.

Daughter of Caranja (see breeding above) and her sire is Rumbero.  Rumbero is a 16.2 hand, APSL approved, homozygous black Lusitano stallion, bred in Portugal by  Pablo Caetano.  Some of his siblings can be seen at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.  His sire, Altivo, was trained for bullfighting and had a good career.  Altivos’s APSL revision score was 81.  Here is a video of Rumbero, who was shown at Pre Saint George, Marialva's sire: 

As you move forward in making the life changing decision of buying the horse of your dreams.  Ask yourself… why do you want such a horse? 

If your answer is that you are truly looking for a horse with the potential for competitive dressage, classical dressage or working equitation that is beyond what you would expect in a Lusitano, these colts may be for you.  If you are looking for a Lusitano that will be competitive with almost any warmblood in the USA, then we encourage you to apply for ownership of one of these very special horses. 

Take some time to watch all these videos of very close relatives.  These yearlings are result of careful breeding to produce the best Lusitano dressage horses possible.  Then ask yourself, what are you waiting for? 

The Lusitano yearlings: 

Mercury CAL was born in April 25, 2016.  Grey (Black base).  Gorgeous, up-headed, elegant yearling.  Will be over 17 hands (17.2+/-), with fantastic gaits and conformation. APSL inscribed/IALHA registered. Halter trained, sensitive temperament. Grand Prix or master's working equitation candidate.  He is friendly, loves people and is trusting.  This colt is truly a stallion prospect. $14,00.00 USD

 Marialva CAL was born June 9, 2016 and will be 16+ hands, with fantastic gaits and conformation with excellent breed type.  APSL inscribed/IALHA registered.  Advanced dressage (Grand Prix) or working equitation candidate.  This is a fantastic grand prix candidate and a horse for the serious amateur or the professional.  His gaits are fantastic and his trot has both lift and extension.  He is extremely up-headed.  His personality is friendly and trusting. $13,500.00
The video below shows Marialva last summer.  

Mercury and Rio (Marialva) have been together since weaning.  They are halter broken, love people, are interactive, have been trailored, up to date on vaccinations, and Coggins.  Soon they will be ready for some light ground work – as their two year birthdates are in 2018.

We believe that these horse represent the future of the dressage Lusitano in North America.  If you are serious about performance, please consider these young stallions.