Doctors Robert and Jill Malone live in Troy, VA - just outside of Charlottesville. Where they own Cielo Azure Lusitanos, a breeding farm.

The Malone's believe that performance must drive breeding programs.  So, they have a strong commitment to showing their horses.  Over the years, Jill and Robert have accumulated some impressive wins in the breed ring and in equine performance sports.

Cielo Azure Lusitanos includes a full laboratory for stallion collection and foaling capabilities.  By collecting themselves, they can offer reduced collection fees and shipping as well as ensure the strictest quality control on semen collection.

For training Cielo Azure has a working equitation obstacle course set up on a polo field on their grounds, as well as a full sized arena. They welcome Iberian horse aficionados to use their ring for inspections, clinics and small shows!

They also maintain a thriving biotechnology consulting practice:, as well as company focused on antiviral drugs for infectious outbreaks, such as Zika and yellow fever. Dr. Malone works with many NGOs and is passionate about public health solutions for emerging infectious disease outbreaks.

The Malone's have been married for thirty-eight years: they offer a stable working team that is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients. They practice a unique blend a professional work and farm life that helps foster efficiency and creativity.

Finally, the Malone's have two adult boys, many volunteers, a large circle of close friends and colleagues and it is this community that makes their lives complete. They wish to thank everyone who is associated with their farm and their business: "we couldn't do it without all of you."