Jade II Da Sernadinha is a magnificent, imported buckskin Lusitano stallion.  Jade represents the absolutely best Lusitano dressage bloodlines in Portugal, lines that are known for their commanding presence and fantastic movement.

Jade’s powerful genetic lineage gives him extraordinary and correct conformation. He is truly a genetic storehouse of the best of the Lusitano breed. Evidence of this is that he has already won a silver medal from the APSL in the USA; an achievement that few Lusitanos attain.

What makes Jade so unique is his laid-back personality and eagerness to please, combined with a strong work ethic. Jade just loves people.

Impulsion, action and extension define his movement. Grand Prix dressage and working equitation are in his future and he has already excelled in the show ring.  He is the 2016 EARHC Eastern Region Lusitano Stallion Champion.

Jade unique and highly desired color includes the crème gene, giving him his buckskin pattern.  Jade coat is also frosted and dappled.  He has a lovely and correct Lusitano sub-convex head, almond eyes and Iberian body type, along with height and bone.  These are qualities that will pass to his offspring.

Sire: Campeador (76 points) -recommended stallion,

Dam: Camurca (82 points),

Grand sire (on both sides) is Spartacus (81.5 points) Stallion of Merit.

Both dam and sire sides pass directly to the great stallion Xaquiro.




Stallions Fees for 2018

Purebred Fee $1,250.00

Crossbred Feeds $1,000.00

We are proud to be Standing Jade II Da Sernadinha for the 2018  season!

Contact Jill @ cieloazure@gmail.com or 240-315-4394 for a contract.