Why Quality Matters...

I am just really enjoying all the excellent animals and new life that my friends are breeding and enjoying. Whether it be horses, chickens, dogs, goats or cattle -quality animals are a joy. Purpose bred quality animals represent breeds, that will continue for generations. It is one of the amazing cultural and technological skills that humans have developed through the ages. These breeds often are wrapped in our cultural heritage. I think breeders are unappreciated and I wish that more people recognized just how important they are. So, a toast to all my amazing friends, who practice humane husbandry standards that we can all be proud of, who breed for quality and who take the time to do it right! 
When I look at what Lusitanos represent, their cultural history, the role the breed has played in transport, working cattle, entertainment, agriculture and the military for so many hundreds, if not thousands of years, I am honored to be a small part of passing on this amazing creatures to future generations.
I watch my friends photos, read their posts and notes, think and rejoice in their farm, their breeding practices, just as I hope people do with my Internet postings! 
So, tonight, I wish to thank all my fellow breeders and animals lovers -who are making our breeds part of our cultural history to enjoy for generations to come! We are all just a small cog, but we all matter.

Jill Malone