The IALHA National Show was great fun -

The IALHA National show is over.  What a joy it was to have been part of such a successful endeavor!  Cielo Azure Lusitanos (CAL) got top honors in a number of halter classes, reserve champion in a couple of riding classes and had a blast doing the sidesaddle and historic exhibition demonstration at the Gala.  The working equitation show and competition was also a lot of fun!  Lusitano stallion Wolverine showed us that he could compete, and do well in that venue.  We took part in the APSL inspection, and our three year old filly Haute Tantra CAL, passed her inspection with flying colors.   We met up with old friends, made many new friends and had so much fun at the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club (ERAHC) party, as well as at the progressive barn party on the following evening  

For those who are not familiar with ERAHC, it has a well deserved reputation as a very friendly and welcoming group, has operated for over 25 years, and usually holds it's annual Lexington, VA show during the period chosen for this years' IALHA National show held in the Lexington VA facilities.  The IALHA National show could not have been such a success without the friendly, capable ERAHC volunteer squad pitching in to manage the daily tasks, and without ERAHC President Jean Bond serving as barn manager for the show.  Next year's ERAHC Virginia Classic Show is scheduled for September 1-4, 2016 at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA, and we hope to see you there! 

As the show came to a close, we were once again amazed at the the quality, athleticism and working sense of the APSL Lusitano.  Cielo Azure Lusitanos is as committed as ever to moving this rare breed forward in the USA, and we join with other like minded individuals to continue to promote and to produce quality APSL registered and inspected Lusitanos.  The intelligence, work ethic, loyalty, versatility and athleticism of the Lusitano has no equal.  That is why we are so committed to this noble breed: the Lusitano truly has no comparison in the horse world.


Jill Malone