Our goals are strong, our commitment is there and now the work begins!

Next spring, we anticipate having eight APSL-eligible Lusitano foals born.  Four will be embryo transfer babies, and three will be full siblings!  We have used both Rubi (of 2012 Olympic fame) and Soberano, (APSL stallion of merit, grand prix dressage Ch and twice Champion of Champions at the National Horse Fair at Golegã) as our main stallions.  Some of these amazing foals will be for sale, so if you are thinking about expanding your herd or finding an equine partner next year, please keep Cielo Azure Lusitanos in mind.  These top Portuguese blood lines are rare in North America, and truly represent the future of the Lusitano breed.  These stallions are recognized throughout Europe as competitive with the best Northern and Central European Sport Horses, and offspring from both are highly sought after in leading European breeding and performance barns.  
With our program’s goals firmly fixed in our minds, we are now offering some fantastic horses for sale.  We also will consider in-utero contracts on some of the 2016 foals. This is not an easy decision on our part, nor is it being done lightly.  These are world class Lusitanos, and we are proud of each and every one of them.  So, please click over to our sales page, and know that these horses are the real deal, they are the famous “Lusitano”.

Jill Malone